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Journey to Trust:  Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

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Healing from an Affair:  A cheater’s guide for helping your spouse heal from your affair

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Please DO NOT purchase workshops from Emotional Affair Recovery through your own affiliate link. This is affiliate theft and is NOT acceptable.

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How to Join the Affiliate Program


As we mentioned, our affiliate program is handled through ClickBank. If you’re not familiar with ClickBank, They are one of the most trusted 3rd party affiliate program on the Internet! They are the biggest online billing center for downloadable products. They’re great, pay on time, and super easy to setup with.

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After signing up, make sure you’re logged in, and then go to the Marketplace tab at the top and you can do a search for our programs by title.

You should be able to find the listings here:

Healing from an Affair

Journey to Trust

Click “Promote” and a hop-link generator will pop-up. Add your Clickbank nickname and hit “create” and your affiliate hop-link code is created.

Note: Be sure to test out your hop-link by clicking the order button(s) and checking for your ClickBank ID at the bottom of the page.

For up-to-date product releases on ClickBank along with other products that you might want to purchase or promote, check out the ClickBank Directory.


Using Links

So you have a few options when it comes to using links.

Text Links

  • The old standby – just insert your link into a post or web page, and you’re good to go.

How to Shorten Text Links



  • Twitter is really effective for driving traffic to sites, but you don’t want to be a jerk when promoting.
  • Don’t spam your followers with tweets about the products, nobody wants that.
  • It’s always best to talk about your personal experience with the product. Tweets that talk about you having just purchased the product, going through the product or getting some results with it have the highest click-throughs.


How to Use Banner Ads to Sell on Your Site

If you have a blog or website, then a great way to promote the  Affair Recovery Workshops is by displaying an ad banner in your sidebar or in an article recommending the workbooks. To make this as easy as possible, we have already created some banners for you to use.

You can simply right-click one of the images below and save it to your computer for use on your site.

You’ll want to be sure to use your affiliate link (the hop link from e-junkie) with these banners so you’ll get credit for the sale.

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Other Marketing Ideas and Resources

Once you have your affiliate link, you can advertise via banner ads on your website, promote with article marketing, do mass emails promoting your affiliate site, or use “pay per click” advertising with companies like Google.

Pay per Click

Using pay per click advertising like Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing or many others, you can quickly bring customers to your affiliate site.

You may notice that we have not provided you with a list of keywords. We don’t do this for one specific reason: if we did so, every affiliate would have the same limited list. That would drive the cost of each keyword up, would not be helpful to you, and would destroy any chance of making a profit.

We want to be honest with you. The way for you to make money is to find the keyword list that makes sense to you. It isn’t hard, but there are some resources you can use.

The first one we would recommend is the free Google Keyword Tool. Be sure to sign up for a free Adwords account as it will give you even more capabilities for data research.

There are many free resources for effective keyword research on the web. We recommend you do a search in Google to find more information.

Keyword research techniques range from incredibly simple, common sense methods to more complex sophisticated methods. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

There are many premium keyword tools out there that can be very effective as well. A couple that we recommend would be Market Samurai and Keyword Elite.

From there, you can set up campaigns in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and many other search engines.

Do remember that Pay Per Click can be expensive, so TEST, TEST, TEST! See what works and what doesn’t and make changes as you see fit. E-junkie will let you use a tracking code, which you certainly want to take advantage of.


Recommended Top 4 Pay Per Click Sources

If you decide to promote the Affair Recovery workshops via the various pay per click search engines, you should realize that Google isn’t everything. Yes it does produce fantastic results, return on investment is good, and there is a lot of visitors coming from there. But there is also a world of traffic outside of Google, and often it is less competitive to purchase, so print out this page and take a look at these other pay per click search engines. We especially recommend that you join ALL of the 4 below:

Google Adwords – This is the biggest and best volume for traffic quality. Has a great user interface, however is also often the most expensive.

Yahoo Search Marketing – Also very good for targeted high quality traffic. Not as high a volume as Google, but still enough to be considered very significant.

Bing– Growing all the time. Very good conversion rates. The volume of traffic is much lower than google and is about half that of yahoo, sometimes even less, but often comes cheaper with a higher return on investment. Well worth having.

Facebook – Yes, Facebook. They have the ability to offer extremely targeted ad programs to their more than 500 million members. It could be well worth your time to check them out.


Write a Review

This is without a doubt one of the highest conversion strategies there is. When people are on the fence about buying a product, the first thing they do is run a Google search for “(product name) review.” They will read one or more reviews, make their decision, and then click through to buy. You want to be the review they click through on.

When you write your review, include as much detail as you can on what you liked about the product and what your results were from using it. It’s a lot like a testimonial. The more powerfully you can communicate a real-life story of how the book or product was useful to you, the higher your conversion will be.

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To make your reviews rank higher in Google, include the product name and the word “review” in your page/post title. Also include the product name and the word “review” in the first sentence of your content. Use these words a few more times throughout the review, but don’t over do it.


Article Marketing

Writing articles is a cheap and easy way of promoting this product. Actually, it’s more than just “cheap”… it’s totally free. We have been very successful in driving traffic to our blog with articles that we have posted on a variety of article directories.

This doesn’t cost you a dime… and can rank very well in the search engines.

But, you should know it may NOT be as effective as using Pay Per Click. (We recommend you do BOTH!)

Here are just 3 of the major “article submission” websites you can use:


There are a TON more out there. Click here for a list via Google. There are even some software programs that can submit articles for you to hundreds of article directories. Click here for some examples.

But please note: You need to rewrite them (even if you do it one sentence at a time) so they won’t show up as “duplicate content” by the search engines.

You can also take any articles from our blog , and rewrite them and submit to the directories if you desire.

As you can imagine, rewriting articles can be a tedious task, but there are some tools our there that can help make it incredibly easy. These are called “spinners.” The best one we have found is “The Best Spinner.”


Email Marketing

Many experts would tell you that the real money in marketing is made from your email list. The key to your long term success is to build a large list of responsive “buyers.”

We have written some emails for you that you can use. Don’t forget to place your affiliate link within the body of the email!

You can then set up a series of emails to your list by using an autoresponder sequence through companies like AWeber.

Once again, there are many free resources out there on the web that can teach you effective email marketing. Here is a link to a 2-part video presentation of targeting email marketing by expert Jonathan Mizel:

Here are a couple of recordings that we did together where we discuss various issues pertaining to trust, the loss of trust and regaining trust after infidelity. They work wonderfully as a free content giveaway to your email list:

Audio 1: How the loss of trust affected Linda and how she lost but ultimately regained the trust in herself.

Audio 2: How Linda was able to rebuild the trust in Doug after the affair.


Promotional emails. Here are a couple of promotional emails that you can send to your list. Others have used these with good conversion rates:


Email #1

Subject: New Resource for Rebuilding Trust After an Affair…

Hello {!firstname_fix},

If you or someone you know is living with the question of how
to rebuild trust after an affair, we wanted to let you know that
surviving infidelity just got a whole lot easier…

Here’s how…

Our friends Linda and Doug are a married couple we know that
(unfortunately) have had to deal with the pain, heartbreak and
devastation of an emotional affair.

That’s the bad news.

The good news for them and everyone else who’s dealing
with how to rebuild trust after an affair is THIS…

Doug and Linda HAVE been able to successfully rebuild trust
in their relationship after the affair that rocked their marriage
and their world and they just wrote a brand new book to help
other people dealing with trust issues rebuild their relationships

Journey to Trust (place hoplink here)

The book is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone
with trust issues–especially trust issues because of an affair.

“Journey To Trust” is an outstanding guide for anyone
looking to rebuild trust after an affair or infidelity.

Through personal stories and sound, practical advice,
Doug and Linda show you not only how to rebuild trust
in your partner, spouse, lover and your relationship but
how to build trust in yourself as well.

If you want help in rebuilding trust after an affair, this is
a great resource that you’ll find incredibly helpful and
useful in that process. We highly recommend this book!”

If you (or anyone you know) want to rebuild trust after an
affair… Get “Journey To Trust Now…”

You’ll be glad you did.

Journey to Trust (place hoplink here)
All our best to you,


P.S. — “Journey To Trust” reveals exactly how Doug and
Linda rebuilt trust in their own relationship and how you
can too…

Journey to Trust (place hoplink here)



Email #2

Subject: {!firstname_fix}, Rebuilding Trust

I recently received an email from Doug and Linda about their new ebook on building TRUST.

Yes, TRUST… a huge word and concern for many of you.

I’ve worked with Doug and Linda, and Linda especially, has shared how she’s coped and recovered (or is recovering) from Doug’s emotional affair.

Both of them are transparent about their journey, which has been helpful to many.

They’ve poured their heart and soul into recovery and now, are sharing their story with others who share their journey.

Take a minute this weekend to read about their new ebook: “Journey to Trust: Rebuilding Trust After an Affair” [HOPLINK]

I’ve read through the material and Linda, true to her awareness and sensitivity, shares with insight and compassion.

“Journey to Trust: Rebuilding Trust After an Affair” [HOPLINK] is more than a story. Doug has been instrumental in creating some exercises that provoke thought, reflection and will help you on your unique journey.

Please check this new offering out for me, will you? You will be glad you did.

Click here [HOPLINK}for more information.

Will keep in touch.

Take care…



Email #3


Healing from an Affair – A cheater’s guide…

Learn how to heal from an affair

Trying to heal after an affair?

Hello {!firstname_fix},

Personal healing is probably one of the most difficult things to do after a relationship has been decimated by an affair.

The victim of the affair is often left alone to try and save the marriage and mend her broken heart and spirit while the cheater expects her to “Just get over it!”

The cheater is ready to “move on” after their affair has been discovered while the victim is left picking up the pieces.

You see, most cheaters just don’t “get it.”

Some may eventually, but many, many others never do.

This is the typical scenario that Linda & Doug from Emotional Affair Journey have not only witnessed daily with the couples they communicate with, but also from their own experiences in recovering from infidelity.

Not surprisingly, after his affair Doug didn’t “get it” either at first.

Eventually, and with Linda’s help, he managed to get a clue and started doing the work that was necessary for Linda to heal herself and for the both of them to heal the marriage.

Through their experiences and research, they have discovered that there are 24 “tasks” that the cheater must perform in order to successfully help their spouse heal from their affair.

You can read more about their story by clicking the following link:

Healing from an Affair (place hoplink here)

All our best to you,



Some Other Free Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Link

Many people have done extremely well promoting our site without spending a dime.

These tactics CAN work, but typically they won’t yield near as much money in your pocket as Pay Per Click.

Regardless, we recommend you do this AS WELL as doing pay per click. That way you truly dominate the market from every angle!

So here’s a few free techniques you can do right now:

1) Make a free blog with a site like or Hub Pages. On your blog talk about our site, then use a site like so your blog shows up in major search engines. Obviously have your affiliate link on this as well!

2) Check out this killer Press Release site, Post a review of the our product on here with your link. You can also pay them $80 and they will make sure your Press Release is put on ALL major search engines.

3) Post videos on and Google Video about our website, and include your affiliate link.

4) Use “Social Networking” sites like,,, and to promote your affiliate link and build up a network of friends!

Ok, that’s it for now. Time to get to work and start making some money!


Linda & Doug

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